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Why Choose a Licensed Realtor when buying a home?

There are many misunderstandings as to what exactly the benefits of using a licensed real estate agent when buying a home. For most people the purchase of a home is the largest financial undertaking they will pursue. With that considered it is hard to believe that some people choose to take it on themselves, here are a few reasons that is a poor decision when buying a home

  • Without an agent you will be making offers on properties where the seller is represented by a knowledgeable agent who is working for the SELLER, the selling agent owes no fiduciary duties to you as a buyer and will do everything in their power to negotiate all of the terms in the agreement to the benefit of the seller
  • Real estate agents are fully licensed by RECA the real estate council of Alberta and must abide by a strict code of ethics and follow all the rules and regulations pursuant to the Real Estate Act of Alberta. We are regulated by this body which further increases security in the sale on your behalf
  • Realtors are versed in contract law and negotiation ensuring you are represented and protected in the best ways possible. Negotiating many terms and conditions in the purchase contract to YOUR benefit
  • Realtors understand the market and the factors that dictate value in a given property thereby ensuring you never pay too much for your home and that you get good value in the transaction
  • Your realtor acts as a facilitator of the real estate transaction creating a “buffer” between you and the seller. This eliminates the chance of a buyer “slipping up” and offering too much information to the seller or sellers' realtor, resulting in losing negotiation power

A realtor will:

  1. Identify the specific neighborhoods, type of home, amenities, and determine what exactly you want in a home. All the while making objective suggestions as to what your realistic expectations should be

  2. Assist you in obtaining a credible mortgage broker who will pre qualify you before you begin looking and handle most of the financing of your transaction

  3. Provide an understanding of the amount of closing costs you will have to pay once the transaction is completed

  4. Help you stay objective throughout the purchase process. Buying a home is a very emotional endeavor and by providing objectivity a realtor can help you make clearer decisions

  5. If applicable handle all the details in selling your current home, and make the transition to your new home much easier on you

  6. Assist you in obtaining a good lawyer who is versed in real estate law, this lawyer will ensure the transfer of title is completed quickly and efficiently

  7. Draft your offer to purchase to include powerful exit clauses to insure you don’t get stuck in a sour deal as well as providing guidance in decision making

  8. Assist you in finding a CERTIFIED AND LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR. Unlike Realtors home inspectors do not have to be licensed to perform home inspectors. Licensed home inspectors often offer a much more thorough inspection of your property insuring you don’t discover any surprises down the road

  9. Advise you in changing your mailing address and informing all of your vendors of your address change

  10. Can assist you in finding a reputable moving company if need be


A Realtor is also a valuable asset when purchasing a new home. They can make sure negotiations run smoothly and ensure your represented and protected. Keep in mind sales asssociates for new home builders are working for the BUILDER not you.

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Best of all, these services are provided by your realtor at no direct cost to you. Realtors get paid from the Seller or listing side of the transaction once the deal has closed. So you get all the protection a realtor offers without paying an out of pocket expense!


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