Thinking of Selling?

If now is the time you find yourself considering whether or not to sell then it is also the time to give me a call. I will provide you with an in-depth market review to help make your decision to sell that much easier. With a detailed approach, a marketing plan that will leave you satisfied and a commitment to a high level of client satisfaction you will be confident you're in good hands.
Enjoy Some of these Selling tips in the mean time!


Before listing your house on the market


When listing your home


List price considerations

  1. Cost of listing too high

Misconception: "The buyer will offer me a lower amount than list price anyway, if I list $20,000.00 higher than I will probably get market value or slightly more for my home"

** At the end of the day fair market value will always play a significant role in determining value for your home. The fair market value price will always be a benchmark for both buyers and sellers when determining the final sale price that is agreed to. Over pricing will often times make the homes in the market you are competing with look more attractive. That is not to say that if your home has more improvements and is in better condition that it wouldn’t garner a higher sale price.


  2. How important is a quick sale?

  3.  List it, Sell it.... the First Try!

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