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Thinking of Selling?

If now is the time you find yourself considering whether or not to sell then it is also the time to give me a call. I will provide you with an in-depth market review to help make your decision to sell that much easier. With a detailed approach, a marketing plan that will leave you satisfied and a commitment to a high level of client satisfaction you will be confident you're in good hands.
Enjoy Some of these Selling tips in the mean time!


Before listing your house on the market


  • Know why you are moving. i.e. need bigger/smaller home, kids moved out, relocating to a more desired area etc. Seems obvious but having a strong sense of what your "whys" are will make tough decisions along the way that much easier
  • Prepare your home for sale BEFORE listing it. You want to be able to show your home with confidence right down to the first buyer that walks in. (often within days of listing your home on the market)
  • Home staging is essential to receiving the highest return for the sale of your home. This is perhaps the easiest way to get more money for your home. Click here for Staging ideas and tips 
  • Find a Realtor® that you feel comfortable communicating with, there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account and a good Realtor® can make the process much more enjoyable. Save time, get more for your home, get the advice and knowledge a proficient Realtor® can provide. Why choose a Realtor® Click here

When listing your home


  • Consult your Realtor® for a proper CMA evaluation of your home to determine what comparable homes in your area are selling for.
  • We will determine when you want showings scheduled. i.e. evening/ daytime, "after 5pm", between 3pm -8pm etc.
  • We will provide you detailed information and present you with your pricing options, ultimately leaving the decision of what price to list at up to you as long as we both feel it will get you where you need to be on your schedule.
  • Your list price is 100% what YOU want, however we will outline the risks with listing too high or too low.

  • With a plan in place we will ensure you are prepared for a number of different scenarios including low offers and multiple offers.

List price considerations

  1. Cost of listing too high
  • Your house on the market for a long time (if the price is not justifiable buyers will not show interest, the longer your home is on the market the stronger the message becomes that you are not priced reasonably)
  • The longer your home is on the market the higher the chances are that the first offer you get will be substantially lower than if you list closer to market value (the buyer will justify the low offer with your inability to sell at your higher than average list price)
  • Most buyers will be working with a Realtor®, a higher price could result in fewer showings in their Realtor feels you are too over-priced

Misconception: "The buyer will offer me a lower amount than list price anyway, if I list $20,000.00 higher than I will probably get market value or slightly more for my home"

** At the end of the day fair market value will always play a significant role in determining value for your home. The fair market value price will always be a benchmark for both buyers and sellers when determining the final sale price that is agreed to. Over pricing will often times make the homes in the market you are competing with look more attractive. That is not to say that if your home has more improvements and is in better condition that it wouldn’t garner a higher sale price.


  2. How important is a quick sale?

  • Depending on your situation you may need to sell you home quickly (perhaps you have found the perfect home to move up to). Obviously the lower your list price in relation to FMV the quicker your home should sell, having a strategic plan of action will be your best ally in selling your home.
  • Preparing a timeline from the day you list is a great way to manage the time it takes to sell. We provide a plan of action that increases the chance of you selling within your time frame.

  3.  List it, Sell it.... the First Try!

  • The best exposure when listing your home is the first exposure it has to buyers in the market.
  • It may be a logical conclusion that you can reduce the list price if your home doesn’t sell. However, your home may already be looked at as old news, if it hasn’t sold what’s wrong with it? You want to take advantage of the first flurry of activity your new listing will attract; part of this is pricing right, and presenting your home in the best condition possible.
  • Reducing your price after your home hits the market may send the message to buyers that you are desperate, causing them to put in low offers on your home, this in-turn may actually result in you accepting a lower price than you would have normally accepted.
  • Dont just list your home, sell it. Call us today to get more information how we can make the sale of your home a reality.

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