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One of the greatest joys of working in the real estate industry is being able to work with amazing people. I take pride in my approach to serving my clients and ensuring they feel they are getting the highest quality of service. I am fortunate to have the continued support of my clients, many of whom have become friends. I hope some of these testimonials provide you with some insight into the way I approach to the real estate process. As always, you can call me directly on my cell phone when you decide on making a move. I'd love to hear from you!

-Asheton Coultman
 Your Trusted Real Estate Advisor
 403 554 7779

I also want to thank-you for being such a good professional. I don’t think anything could have gone smoother and am very glad you were there to provide your guidance and advice along the way. It was a truly pleasant and exciting experience for Kayla and I.

You can be sure that when we are asked if we know a realtor in the future that we will put forth your name, and we will also look first to yourself for any of our new property needs.

You really changed my perceptions of realtors (in a very good way).


Best regards,

Erik and Kayla - Clients since 2014

Thank you Asheton; because of you, we are now in our new home.  We are so thoroughly impressed with our whole house buying experience.   Our first home buying experience was smooth and painless.  We paid an amazing price for our house and knew that you were taking care of all the details, big and small. Also, your extensive knowledge of the market within Calgary and surrounding areas saved us quite a bit on our purchase alone!!!  You wanted to make sure that we bought a home that we loved, but also got the best possible price and to make sure that we didn’t over pay!  THANK YOU all for your honesty and for looking out for our best interests.  We truly feel that we did make the right decision working with you.

Joe & Peter - Clients since 2013



Out of all the people I could have chosen to be the realtor for my wife and I's first home purchase, I chose Asheton. Years ago we had worked together and, though we were young and only partially mature, I recognized Asheton as a good, honest and hardworking guy. He was always driven. What's more, though, Asheton was easy to get along with which complimented his hard working demeanor perfectly. Knowing this,  I trusted Asheton enough to give him our business. It was something I had actually looked forward to doing for some time.

Buying your first home can be an intimidating process. For my wife and I, it definitely was... it's a big commitment! Asheton made us feel at ease; he really took the time to make us feel at comfortable. Leaving our first sit down with Asheton I can still remember Chantal and I talking about how it really felt like Asheton was the right choice.

Asheton did all the things a good realtor should do: he listened well; he gave us his advice while always being perfectly cautious about how much advice to give; and, perhaps what was most appreciated by Chantal and I was how Asheton never missed a thing. He was always on top of every deadline and crucial step and made sure that Chantal and I also knew. To have the confidence that your realtor won't miss a thing makes the home buying process enjoyable. Asheton gave us that confidence. 

When it came down to negotiation Chantal and I were somewhat particular and Asheton catered to our style like a pro. We wanted to make sure that negotiations were friendly and neighborly while, of course, still getting what we wanted out of the deal. Asheton navigated through the process like a true courtier and made the deal with the class, courtesy and style Chantal and I wanted. His ability to do so wowed us.

Asheton managed to get us our dream home in the community we wanted and at a price we could afford. He did it with ease, clarity and the utmost professionalism. And, to top it all off, he even managed to wow my parents who were by our side through the buying process. We would recommend Asheton to anybody!


Asheton... I meant every word of it man. We appreciate you! Sometime soon we'll have you over to check it out our new home. It looks like a brand new place... and we're loving it!!

Stay good,

Dylan and Chantal - Clients Since 2013


In April 2013, we decided to start looking for a home to call our own and get away from renting. Our rental agent, Jade Coultman was also a real estate agent, so, as we already had a good relationship with her, it made sense to ask her to help us. She in turn had her brother and real estate partner, Asheton Coultman, contact us to start the process. After a few meetings, we were on our way to finding our own home

Over the entire process, Asheton and Jade were more than helpful. We could always contact them with any questions we had, and believe me we had lots. They were always willing to go over and above to help us. All our questions were answered as straight forward as can be, and they always made sure to explain what the next steps were and that we understood them. They literally took the stress away!

When the time came and we found the home for us, Asheton really made everything so simple for us that it seemed in no time we were signing the papers. It was easier than buying a car.

 The greatest thing is that from day one, they treated us both like friends and not customers. It wasn’t about the sale it was about us being happy and that we felt comfortable going forward.

All in all, this was a great experience. I will have friends moving to Calgary in the next year, and when the time comes for them to buy their first home, I will take them by the hand and bring them straight to Asheton. He made buying our first home a stress free and pleasant experience and we could not be happier.

Thanks again Asheton and Jade for all your work.

Marc & Tonia - Clients Since 2013

Asheton Coultman is professional, friendly and approachable. He worked with us on every aspect of the sale and purchase of our homes in a thoughtful and considerate manner and always took the time to answer all our queries in a timely manner. We were very impressed with his work ethic and highly recommend him... Just a few words Asheton to let you know that dealing with you was a real pleasure. It's not often you meet a Realtor who has his clients best interest at heart. From the first moment we met you at our new house, to the moment the sale of our existing house was finalized, your professionalism and perseverance was flawless!
We would strongly recommend Asheton to anyone interested in selling or buying, without a doubt he will work harder than anyone else to meet your goals!

-Scott & Karla Sanderson - Clients Since 2012

Asheton Coultman was our realtor for the recent sale of our house in Shawnessy. He had been recommended to us by our daughter, who had known Asheton since high school. We had intended to use someone else, a realtor who had helped us with the purchase of a condo a couple of years ago, but our daughter had insisted we meet with Asheton first and we're very glad we did. We were both immediately impressed with his professionalism, enthusiasm and sincerity.

Our Shawnessy house was in a bit of mess, having been rented out for the past three years. It needed a lot of work and Asheton offered to help; he also gave us good advice on which areas we needed to focus on and where we could get the biggest return on our renovation budget.

When it came time to do the actual work Asheton rolled up his sleeves and pitched in. Within two weeks he had helped us turn a rather dingy and shabby house into a show-home. No matter the time of day or night Asheton would always be cheerful, upbeat and encouraging. I can honestly say that without his hard work and enthusiasm we would never had accomplished as much as we did in those two weeks.

Within ten days of listing the house we had a signed offer at a very good price. No other realtor could have negotiated a better deal and in so short a period of time. The entire transaction was smooth and effortless.

We highly recommend Asheton, without reservation.


Steve & Sita Wall - Clients Since 2011


Asheton Coultman Was an absolute pleasure to work with!

This was my First time buying a home and he walked me through every step of the way, and I mean EVERY STEP.
 With a Market that was extremely tight and a deadline to make!! At times, things became very stressful.
Asheton was able to help me push forward and not become overwhelmed.
He would meet at any time or anywhere just to talk to ease my mind. He was more than just a Realtor, he went over and beyond what anyone would expect.

At one point I was having some Issues with a broker and thought that my chances of owning a home may never happen.
I had such a bad experience with this Broker I was ready to just throw the towel in, With less than 2 weeks Left ,Asheton went about finding me a new Broker himself! Not only did he find me a Broker but he also found me a Broker that was able to close the Deal within 3 days!!!!!!
After I moved in ,There were a few things in the contract that needed to be addressed ,The major one was that the Carpet needed to be Professionally cleaned , due to cat pee.. (we all know how horrible that smell is)  No party on the other side was willing to fix the issue, so of course Asheton , volunteered to get dirty and help rip up the old carpet. He was not going to take No for an answer.

 I appreciate all the effort that was put in. Driving all over Calgary and also out of City limits to help me find the perfect home.
I had a ton of fun working with Asheton. He made the almost impossible... WORK!
 I was also greeted with an amazing basket of goodies, and a kind note, on my Move in Day.
I have Now been in my home for almost a Month and could not be more grateful or happy!!!

I would recommend My realtor to anyone!!!!!


Stacey .G  - Client Since 2012


Asheton is truly an asset to his profession and has the best interest of his client in mind.... Asheton will go above and beyond the call of duty to assure that all of his client's needs are fully met. This was evidenced in our recent purchase of a property that we are very pleased with, both the condo and the fabulous location. What distinguishes Asheton in the real estate industry is that he is both genuine and caring as well as a true professional and so based on this, I would strongly recommend Asheton as an agent.

-Kathy Schultz - 


Asheton is a very knowledgeable real estate agent with an excellent work ethic. He was always available whenever I had questions or concerns. I felt confident in his ability to find the right home for me because he was willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was completely satisfied. He is always looking out for your best interest and will tell you the straight facts of any situation so that you can make a well informed decision about buying/selling your home. I had a very good experience dealing with Asheton as he is very personable, professional, educated and open to any ideas or issues you bring his way. He did not treat me as just another real estate transaction, Asheton gave me his full attention and effort and I'm very happy I chose him as my real estate agent. I would have no hesitation at all recommending Asheton to anybody who is going to buy buying or selling their home and needless to say I will be calling him again when I think it's time to sell. 

-Kody Campbell (first time buyer)


The thought of buying my first place was quite scary for me but after talking with Asheton about my wants and needs I felt very comfortable knowing that he would help me out in every way possible.  He laid everything out for me so I could easily understand the whole process and he would take much consideration into every place he took me, I never felt that one viewing was a waste of my time.  Even though I wasn’t his only client I felt like his top priority, he is very professional but also very down to earth as well. He took time to answer all my questions in great detail at any time of the day, no matter how silly they seemed.  Asheton made the whole process run smoothly and fun, I would recommend him to anyone!

– Laura Cassidy - Client Since 2011



Summer of 2012 I had decided It was the right time for me to buy my first house. Originally I had planned (for over a year actually...) on using a different realtor, whom I had known the majority of my life. 

I came to meet Asheton at a mutual friends birthday party actually, who I ended up sitting next to at some point that night. It was just normal introductions and small chit chat that turned into an extensive conversation about realty. 

 I could tell he loved his job and was eager to excel beyond 99%. Not tooting any horns here, but I take the same sort of pride in my own line of work, and after a night of talking with Asheton I found myself very excited to have found someone who I trusted would be the right Realtor for me. I’ve been selling roofs for 5 years now, I've worked alongside many others and I DO know the difference between someone who is very good at selling, and someone who is very good at taking care of clients. To me, this is the most important thing. 

 Asheton exceeded my expectations as a Realtor. Buying my first house was quite exciting but also scary. It had to be the right house!! 

Honestly I felt like was along side a business partner or something. Asheton has the ability to work with any respectful person in a way that will keep everything very comfortable. It took a couple months to find the right place,  when we finally did, it was not the smoothest transaction by any means.

Uncommon difficulties seemed to surround me at that time, which was incredibly stressful. I literally began finding grey hairs on the sides of my head! With the help of Asheton and a good lawyer, everything ended on a great note! Got my house, I love it, and couldnt be happier with my initial big decision, picking a realtor! 

If you have any particular questions, or just want more assurance, I'd love to talk to you, feel free to call me any time. 

 Asheton loves his job, he's building an army of very happy clients and I expect he will be very successful for that reason. He has a moral obligation to the people he works with, and he has the expertise that will bring comfort to you when your making one of the biggest investments of your life! 

 Also... he's just a cool guy!! 


Peter Janzen - Client Since 2012

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