First Time Home Buyer

First Time Buyer

For most people, purchasing a piece of real estate is the most substantial financial endeavor they will ever be involved in. Knowledge about real estate varies from person to person, especially with regard to first time buyers. That is why I developed this page to include FREE information on some considerations you should make when making the leap to buy your first home. We encourage you to email us to set you up with information that you would find helpful!

-Asheton Coultman

Realtor, First Time Buyer Specialist

Enjoy your purchase!

  1. Some suggestions for the process
  2. Tips for first time buyers                
  3. Costs involved when purchasing  

1. Some Suggestions

Before You Begin Searching For a Property



When You Are Ready To Start Looking


When You Find the Property You Want to Purchase


Once you know you want to make a purchase, your Realtor will work closely with you to ensure you make an informed decision. Part of your Realtors job is to ensure due diligence in the sale, thus protecting your best interests.


Once the Offer Has Been Accepted




Once the Deal Is Closed, Making a Smooth Transition



Welcome home!



2. Tips for first time buyers


3. Costs involved when purchasing


It is important to budget for all the costs incurred with the purchase of real estate, these costs will include some or all of these costs:

 One time costs

  1. Appraisal fees (if applicable)

  2. Lawyer fees/closing costs - Budget to account for closing cost expenses at the lawyers office, these costs vary depending on the lawyer but it is wise to budget a couple thousand dollars to complete the sale.

  3. Home inspection - Budget $400-$550 for a home inspection, prices can vary depending on the inspector and are sometimes less for smaller homes or condos

 Monthly costs

  1. Mortgage payment
  2. Utilities
  3. Maintenance
  4. Insurance
  5. Property taxes

It is a common misconception that a buyer has to pay their realtor directly for there services. Commissions are offered by the seller so you can utilize all the benefits of my services with no out of pocket expense to you! Call me today!

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